Supporting Schools in LP-DP Transition


As part of the induction process, school induction tutors (SITs) are required to set up their training programme for the next academic year when they first sign into the service. During this process, they are presented with an option to ‘roll over’ their current LP (lead provider) and DP (delivery partner) partnership.


The service needs to account for situations where the current LP/DP partnership is no longer available, for instance, if the LP or DP has left the market or merged with another partner. In such scenarios, SITs must be presented with appropriate options to select from to continue their induction programme. Therefore, the service needs to provide clear guidance and options to handle these cases effectively.


The main challenge for this work was to analyse and comprehend the current user flow, including recent changes to it, as well as suggested improvements from the team. Additionally, these flows were spread across different locations, such as various collaborative boards and the dev environment requiring specific test data to view certain screens. The challenge was to edit and consolidate all these flows into one Figma file and design a unified solution.


We developed new screens and implemented logic to handle scenarios where the LP/DP combination is no longer available. This involved designing a new page to notify the SIT about the change in circumstances and providing them with alternative options. These options included forming a new partnership, delivering their own programme using DfE accredited materials, or designing and delivering their own programme based on the Early Career Framework (ECF).

Outcome and Learnings

Although the new screens and logic have been developed, they are yet to go live. The new page will inform SITs of changes in their LP/DP partnership, and we expect it to increase user satisfaction and engagement with clear options provided.

We learned that clear communication and file organisation among team members are vital when dealing with shared user flows across different locations. We also found using clear and detailed diagram flows is more effective than prototypes or the dev environment for understanding flows and logic.

This project highlighted the importance for designers to fully comprehend the service’s intricacies. Proactively identifying potential challenges and working towards solutions is crucial for ensuring a successful outcome.

UCD team

  • Dale Moore - Content Designer
  • Darren Courtney - Interaction Designer
  • Elena Bracey - User Researcher
  • Costa Christou - User Researcher
  • Zoe Popperwell - User Researcher