Assigning an early career teacher to a mentor

Illustration showing that ECTs and mentors can be paired from either the ECT or mentor profiles

We’ve designed a flow allowing schools to pair a teacher with a mentor from the mentor profile pages, as well as from the early career teacher profile pages.

The problem

Schools are required to pair early career teachers with a mentor. This makes the mentor eligible for mentor training, as well as helping to make sure that all early career teachers have a mentor.

Previously, this had to be done from the profile page for the early career teacher. However we have some evidence that some schools would try to do this the other way around, navigating to a mentor and then expecting to pick which teacher should be assigned to them.

What we changed

We’ve designed a flow allowing schools to approach the pairing of early career teachers and mentors in either direction.

On the mentor profile page, a new link is present titled ‘Assign an ECT to this mentor’:

Screenshot showing a mentor profile page with a link saying ‘Assign an ECT to this mentor’

Clicking this takes schools to a page asking which teacher they would like to assign to that mentor.

Any teachers without a mentor are shown at the top of the list. Hint text describes who a teacher’s current mentor is, if they have one.

Screenshot of a page asking 'Who would you like to assign to Julie Carver?' with radio button options for each ECT

If a mentor is currently mentoring, the link text changes to ‘Assign another ECT to this mentor’.

Screenshot showing a mentor profile page with a link saying ‘Assign another ECT to this mentor’