1. Improve cross-site admin navigation

    A summary of updated functionality and designs to streamline admin navigation and improve usability. Deployed in April 2023

  2. Allow admins to change an NPQ participant’s lead provider

    New functionality to let admins change an NPQ participant’s lead provider. Deployed in March 2023

  3. Include targeted delivery funding on NPQ financial statements

    New line items added to NPQ financial statements for the 2022 cohort onwards. Deployed in December 2022

  4. Mobile optimisation for financial statements

    HTML and CSS updates to improve financial statement display across mobile devices. Deployed in December 2022

  5. Allow support agents to change a school’s lead provider

    Includes guidance and steps to follow in process

  6. Admin journeys as of November 2021

    How the admin pages looked in November 2021

  7. Admin journeys for adding users, induction tutors

    How support looked in May 2021