1. Register for another NPQ – improving signposting

    Changes made after receiving support requests from users struggling to register for another NPQ, who have previously registered.

  2. Single registration process

    Discovery project exploring the possibility of combining the DfE registration form and provider application forms into a single registration process.

  3. Registration details – updates

    Changes made after the first round of user research.

  4. Start and confirmation page changes

    Updates from usability testing.

  5. Change work details - registration status

    Journey for users who have registered for an NPQ and need to change their work details.

  6. Change provider - registration status

    Journey for users who have registered for an NPQ and want to change their provider.

  7. Change course - registration status

    Journey for users who have registered for an NPQ and want to change their course.

  8. Registration status

    Landing page for users who have registered for an NPQ and return to the service.

  9. Teaching School Hub (TSH) finder

    New feature to allow teachers to find a teaching school hub near them

  10. Edit the choose an NPQ page

    Make it easier to spot NPQs in a list, and draw out important information about the early headship coaching offer.

  11. Iterating the page “Where do you work?”

    Updates to the page to simplify the selection of the work location

  12. Journey for independent schools with free early years provision

  13. NPQ funding eligibility checks

    Documentation on how we determine eligibility for NPQ funding, how a TRN fits in and providers contractual obligations to check eligibility post registration

  14. Iterating the journey for those who don’t work in a school or early years

    Updates to the journey which enables some non-school users to receive funding for an NPQ

  15. Funded and non-funded messages

    Updates to the existing funded message and adding non funded messages (including those who have already received funding)

  16. New registration journey for early years and childcare professionals

    New pages and flow that allows early years and childcare professionals to register for the NPQEYL

  17. Service changes June 2022

    Changes to the service when it launched in June 2022

  18. Temporary closure of registration service

    How the service will look during soft close and hard close of registration until it reopens later this year

  19. Journey for users who’ve registered before (Iteration)

    Keep the registration journey very similar, but lock down identity information

  20. Journey for users who’ve registered before

    Stops users from changing their details on a subsequent registration

  21. Journey for users who do not work in a school

    An iteration of our original non-teacher journey

  22. Decoupling international and non-teacher journeys

    Avoid the complexity of non-teacher to ship international

  23. Add country to international journey

    Ask users which country they teach in

  24. Removing the name change flow

    It’s being replaced with contextual guidance

  25. Playback answers on validation

    Help users recover from mistakes

  26. International and non-teacher journeys

    Allow more types of user to register for an NPQ

  27. Additional Support Offer (ASO) – Iteration

    Changes to the initial ASO journey

  28. Additional support offer (ASO)

    Initial designs for including the ASO option

  29. Service as it looked 9 September 2021

    A snapshot of the live service as it was

  30. Smart answers guidance v1

    Smart answers type pattern to test whether a questions and answers style process will help users understand NPQ

  31. DfE guidance v1

    Guidance using an accordion pattern. Could be hosted on NPQ service

  32. GDS guidance v1

    GDS style guidance for the beginning of the NPQ journey

  33. Full registration task list

    Task list style full registration journey

  34. Full registration v1

    First draft of the full registration journey taking place on the NPQ service

  35. DfE first registration v2

  36. NPQ registration. Provider First v1

    First draft sketches for registration journeys

  37. DfE first registration v1

    First draft sketches for DfE registration journeys