1. Improving API guidance for lead providers

    A content review and restructure of all API guidance in line with new and updated API v3 functionality. Deployed in May 2022

  2. Lead provider and Manage contracts – November 2021

    How these journeys looked in November 2021

  3. Notifying a Lead Provider that a school has reported a mistake (ECF only)

    How a Lead Provider is notified of the mistake and how this is reflected in the user interface of the digital service

  4. Lead provider confirming the schools they’ve recruited (ECF only)

    How a Lead Provider bulk reports to DfE, which schools they are providing training for in the next cohort

  5. A Lead Provider viewing and managing their schools (ECF only)

    How a new Lead Provider views all of their schools across cohorts, and manages them on an individual basis

  6. Notifying a new Lead Provider and sign in (ECF only)

    How a new Lead Provider is notified of their new account and how they sign in